Inspired by a tweet by University of Toronto Professor of Critical Race and Indigenous Studies, Dr. Eve Tuck (@tuckeve), the Seminar format was altered in 2019 to be even more interactive, fair, and on-point. Each research presentation is immediately followed by table-time to pre-vet and peer-review questions and comments for the speaker. This keeps the focus on the speaker’s ideas and discourages grandstanding by audience members.

The first day includes a 45min keynote address, followed by table-time pre-vetting and 35 minutes of discussion. Then, three 35min research presentations follow with table-time pre-vetting and 20 minutes of discussion each. Great for getting feedback on a penultimate draft for publication!

The second day is a series of 10min lightening rounds, grouped thematically. Three speakers present, one after another, before moving to the pre-vetting and discussion time. Four groups of three speakers round out the day.

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